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Why Are You Reading My Blog?

Why does anyone read anything? I mean you don’t know if you’re gonna like it until you’ve read it… so are you always just determining what to read based on other people’s recommendations? Are authors everywhere just playing a game of trickery with the first part of their books – just trying to dupe you into reading the rest? Have I been duped over and over my whole life?

Random rambling ranting aside, if you’re somehow someone reading this who doesn’t know me, I should give you some kind of introduction.

I’m Findlay, a Field Service Engineer from the west coast of the USA. I travel globally for my work repairing pre-clinical nuclear imaging equipment at hospitals, universities, and some private companies. Before this job I had visited Scotland and Germany a handful of times to see family, and I think even that was more international travel than most Americans muster unfortunately.

Now I travel constantly, spending 1-3 weeks at each destination. I probably couldn’t enumerate all the places I’ve been, but basically I’ve peppered Europe and the US, and been to a few far flung destinations as well (Rio de Janeiro, Osaka, Tromsø and La Réunion).

Anyway, I’m just a guy who never traveled before, doing it all the time now, and trying to share what I’m seeing. I guess I’m a less invested travel blogger? Does that make me garbage since I don’t put enough effort into it? Does it make me better since I’m not trying to make money off this?

I once co-opted Ashitaka’s destiny from Princess Mononoke, and said that I’m just trying to see the world with eyes unclouded by hate. Yeah, I guess that, and have fun, and share the rich wonder of the world with my friends back home.

I hope you enjoy it.

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